Texas Book of Beasts, by Jeff Irvin. Series of extremely short skits dealing with gnats, gnus, bats, okra, raccoons, quail, pickups, skinks, javelina, daddy-long-legs, burghers, toads, ocelots, shoats, warts, mosquitoes, Neiman Marcus, dioramas, and minnows.

Corazon de Tragedia, by Claudio Fox. Improvised Telenovela in Spanish.

TV Man, by Daniel Berkowitz. Feeling neglected by his human family, TV Man sets off on a journey to find his true home.

Ragtime Reflections, by LAF Foster Ikel. Ragtime Reflections is a joyful, high-octane, playful celebration of the life and times of Scott Joplin. Bouncy, beloved music blended with historical, spoofical content and nine costume changes will launch the audience on a ragtime Joyride!

New Approaches to Narrative, by Steve Moore. An introduction to storytelling, team-taught with the global artificial super-intelligence. Directed by Carlos Treviño.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Her Dinosaur, by Zach Muhn. One half of two Austin comedians that love to sing songs and ponder the abyss.

Sally: The Reconciliation of a Life Lived in an Intercultural Space Between the Deaf and Hearing Communities, by Tracey Huguley. Three scenes of Sally's life--Child, Teen, Adult--as she recounts her life lived with Deaf Parents in a world that is hearing-centric. Funny, deeply moving, and a peek into the Deaf community through the lens of a daughter of the community who is hearing.

20 Things About Ken Webster, written and performed by Ken Webster. HPT Artistic Director will share twenty interesting facts about his life. Only one of them is untrue. Will the audience be able to guess which one is untrue?

La Gattina, by Raymond V. Whelan. New York Police Department Lieutenant Murray reveals untold details of a horrific crime to Kitty, the victim's ghost.

Pong: The Musical, by Max Langert featuring music by Liam & Jules Langert (ScriptWorks Commission). The future is uncertain in this black-and-white world. Only lateral movement will help us survive.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Cold Call, by Sara Jean Accuardi. “When the fate of young love hangs in the balance, who will have the guts to call it?” Three characters in a call center struggle to get what they need from life, while hawking season theatre tickets to folks who just want to see White Christmas again.

BRINE VII: Austin for Whom, written and performed by Stuart Hersh. In his 10th FronteraFest performance, the author shares his unique music about people trying to remain in and return to Austin.

Do You Feel Safe Yet?, by Tyler Kosmak. A collection of scenes on the theme of safety, directed by Megan Weaver.

#DeadMommyJokes, by James E. Burnside. A one-act play.

Nacho Forte, with Ali Meier, Casey Quinlan, Emily McDonald, Graham Snow, John Mendell, Kent Frazier, Mary Henderson, Meredith Newell, Rachel Elaine Creason, and Victoria Weber (Nacho Forte). Based in Austin, Nacho Forte is a high-energy musical improv troupe with a focus on long-form narrative. Accompanied by a live pianist, we create scenes and moments that lead into songs, all made up as we go along!

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Little Art Table, written and directed by Marla Porter. Creativity can help overcome one's insecurities and smallness and children give a master class!

PerVirgin, written and performed by Nkechi Chibueze. Kechi is a 34 year-old woman who has never been kissed . . . and she REALLY wants to talk about it. Join Kechi as she lays out the blueprint to becoming a super virgin, shares her cringeworthy crushalationships, and explains how the Pussycat Doll and Zumba are her sexy spirit animals!

At the Highland Mall, by Jennifer Griffin Graham, adapted by Kyle John Schmidt. A dark comedy about two sisters' trip to a mall-turned-ossuary for answers from the bones of the recently deceased. Adapted from the Jennifer Griffin Graham short story by siblings Kyle and Jadrien Schmidt.

Stapleface, with Clayton Cook, Brett VerVoort, Kyle Berthusen, Franny Harold, Paul Harrison, Nikita Rekar, and Tevis Paxton (EGGS). Opening this past September to rave reviews, Stapleface is a sketch comedy show comprised of several interwoven scenes dealing with such subjects as shame, passion, loss, and love. EGGS' writers and performers aim to push the boundaries of the traditional sketch experience through outrageous characters, visceral performance, and minimal frills--no costumes, no stops, all funny. Directed by Anthony Ellison.

The Performers of Bad News, by Ammon Taylor. Theatrical song cycle that explores a world altered by climate change.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

The Kiss, by Susan Dias-Karnovsky and Bill Karnovsky. The Kiss looks at the nature of love, aesthetics and outrageous passion that leads a woman to commit what is either a crime or an act of authentic artistic audacity.

Removal, by Susan Mack. A story of discovery, separation and renewal

Meat, by Sean Sweeney. A man cooks meat for his girlfriend who refuses to eat it.

Where Did Love Go? by JoAnn Vickers Wilburn. An excerpt from a much longer work which is a collection of interwoven stories and songs which tell an overall story about a relationship.

The Kitty-Cat Brigade, by Tristan Young Mercado. Three liberal women break onto the White House lawn in an attempt to rescue the First Lady.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Within, Above, and Beyond, conceived and performed by Yuliya Lanina with music by Russell Pinkston and choreography by Andrea Ariel. Within, Above, and Beyond is a journey inside the mind of an artist. The piece explores the symbiotic relationship that can exist between the artist and her work. Through creativity, the artist is able to explore the depth of tragic experience by unlocking the hidden parts of her subconscious that lay dormant in its wake.

Louiseland, written and performed by Louise Richardson. Poems and songs of joy, identity, longing, existence, and survival by Louise Richardson.

Haggis, by Ava Love Hanna (ScriptWorks Commission). A couple’s search for adventure at a desert nudist resort lands them in rural Scotland with an inscrutable groundskeeper and inadequate wardrobe. A new comedy by Ava Love Hanna; starring Anne Hulsman, Weldon Phillips, and Travis Dean.

I Love Johnny, by Anna Eisley. I Love Johnny is a one-act that follows the decay of a couple's life together. Using highly stylized choreographed 1950's sitcom movement and entirely lip-synced dialogue, Johnny takes a disturbing look at the collision of American home-life and capitalism.

This Asian American Life, by Yola Lu, Kim Tran, Virgil Shelby, Santino Fernandez, & G­-Su Paek (Hot Pot Comedy). TAAL, by Hot Pot Comedy, draws from experiences of racism, socio-political invisibility and just day-­to-­day life as an Asian American in modern times.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

White Gleaming Beach, by Greg MacArthur. A pen rolls off a table, setting a series of events into motion that change a man’s life. As he becomes more and more obsessed with the stranger who he believes stole his future, the impact of every little choice becomes greater, until there is no turning back. White Gleaming Beach features Jack William Rodgers as The Man, Katie Alice Scott as The Woman, and original live music by Luis Parra.

The Servant Girl Annihilator, by Lorenzo Martinez and Laura Creedle. Eliza and Michael work in a haunted house based on Austin's infamous 19th century Servant Girl Annihilator murders.

ChuTopp, with Estevan J. "Chuy" Zarate and Topping Haggerty. Improvised show that ridiculously embraces the classic criminal caper and all the humorously intricate character dynamics that come with such nefarious endeavors.

Physics Curse presents The Witching Hour, with Rose Frezza, Rachel Austin, Ann Symmonds, and Aspen Webster (Physics Curse). In The Witching Hour, Physics Curse explores the ghosts and myths of our past that reside in the shadows of our cozy homes and make us a little uneasy. In this improvised narrative, Physics Curse invites the audience to reflect on their personal experiences of ghosts and lore. Using a few suggestions from the audience, Physics Curse weaves a story grounded in reality, shadowed by things lurking in the darkness, just beyond our reach.

Burr, story by Laura Maxwell-Scott, lyrics and music by Eric Scott. A hip-hop musical about yet another white man wrestling with his relationship to his country and his past. Featuring Eric Scott, Bina Chauhan, and George Stumberg IV. Directed by Laura-Maxwell-Scott.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Baby Got Back / The Game / Matt Damon, by Leng Wong and ensemble. Directed by Leng Wong. Three mini plays about expectations, perceptions and the pliability of truth.

My Seasons with the Astros, Expos, and Phillies, written and performed by Ken Webster. Award-winning actor/director Ken Webster explains his strange obsession with former major league catcher John Bateman. Webster's Twitter Feed started as a diary of the 1966 Houston Astros season as seen through the eyes of Webster's favorite player from childhood, the late John Bateman. The diary, part fact and part fiction, part baseball, part history, and popular culture, has been featured in several stories by sportswriters. Webster describes how he became an amateur historian, chronicling his favorite player and the years 1966-1972.

Mister Starbuck, by Raymond V. Whelan. Mrs. Flanagan jumps out of her bedroom window the day Astronaut John Glenn orbits the Earth. Her daughter Michelle and granddaughter Evelyn aren't feeling so great, either.

Highly Watchable, with Amanda Wischkaemper, Karlie Lemos, Monica Wells & Wendy Eickstaedt. We tell grounded and whimsical stories in a quirky narrative format. We're an all-women troupe with maturity and range, from silly and sing-y to serious and steady. Alpacas may appear.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Muffin Man, by Nancy Mohn Barnard and Bradley Linscomb. A senile father, expecting a dinner date with his daughter, bumbles instead into a grisly murder scene. Directed by Trey Hoel.

First Day, written and directed by Rhonda Roe. Based on a short story I wrote about my first day of kindergarten.

A Fool and His Money, by Sally Seitz and Jackson Prince. Traveler tells the story of the well-dressed stranger and the box that promised riches.

Mother Tree, written and performed by Laura Freeman. This is an autobiographical piece on death, grief, and healing.

Oakdale, with Kim Lowery, Cortnie Jones, Katie Moore and Naomi Perryman (Oakdale). Oakdale is an improv team consisting of four of Austin's most accomplished improvisers and instructors--Kim Lowery, Cortnie Jones, Katie Moore and Naomi Perryman. Deeply influenced by The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago, Oakdale creates a world of bold, funny and vulnerable characters through group improvisation. Coached by Pgraph’s Valerie Ward.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

The Puzzler, by Will Holcomb. A two-person play where Blanch, a woman with affluenza (inflated self-worth), is doing community service in a nursing home due to drunk driving tickets. To avoid any real work, she does puzzles with a patient, Weldon. Weldon unassumingly dives deep into her psyche and the woman who walks out at the end of her community service isn't the same one who came in.

5 reasons to write a song and 1 reason not to, by Robin Chotzinoff. Robin Chotzinoff and Shelly Leuzinger bring back their 30-seconds-too-long-for-FronteraFest 2017 musical psycho-romp.

Foxing, by Greg Romero (ScriptWorks Commission). They start with a dance then exhaust themselves further. Their exercises are led by a human who is also a fox named Beatrice. Aaron and Charlie drink water, do burpees, transform into wild animals, and unfold pieces of paper the fox keeps handing them, confronting the most difficult moment they keep trying to bury. Performed by Errin Delperdang, Kelly Hasandras, and Olivia O'Hare.

Pieces of the Universe, by Aimee Zivin, Nigel Jacobs, Darrel Mayers. Pieces of the Universe uses a mix of dance, music and text to investigate questions about choice and change, from perspectives both deeply personal and universal.

Ricochet, by Ricochet. Ricochet, a seven-person improv troupe will perform a twenty-five minute long unscripted show riffing off of suggestions from the audience.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Liz and LadyBird: Whistlestop 1964, by Sheila Gordon. The very first female-led Presidential Whistlestop Campaign Tour was organized and accomplished by Liz Carpenter and LadyBird Johnson--two home-grown Texas women. Only two months after the Civil Rights act of 1964, the South was fiercely set against re-electing President Lyndon Johnson. The plan: send LadyBird down there on a train to soften them up. Writer/performer Sheila Gordon presents a one-woman performance depicting the first First-Lady Presidential Whistlestop Campaign Tour of 1964.

There's Light Through a Keyhole, by Recovering Addict. East Austin resident Cameron reveals how he conquered drug addictions. Based on a true story.

Into the Light, written and performed by Marla Porter. One woman's tale of coming back to life after a thirteen-year depression. Directed by Max Langert.

Rent II, by Phillip Mandel. The sequel to everyone's favorite musical.

Olga and Volga's Happy Hour, by Zia Schwartz Kinzy and Georgia Pearson. Zia Schwartz Kinzy, 14, and Georgia Pearson, 16, are Olga and Volga: two old Russian ladies who are going to take over the government. Join them as they share their epic life story and train you on how to be a good citizen. Olga and Volga have called themselves "FAB-you-lus-lee in-TAIR-taining!" "Uh-TAIR-lee spec-TAIR-lee spec-TAC-you-ler!" and say that they are "de-OWN-lee show you well need to see. EV-air."

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

The Linklater Question, by C.M. Gill. Is the idea of "true love" a bullshit fairy tale that can't possibly survive the harsh realities of time and "everyday" life? Or can we truly and deeply connect romantically with another person and stay in love with--and steaming hot for--them year after year after year? These and other questions are up for debate in The Linklater Question. Yes, that Linklater. His Before movies are just too damn thought-provoking to ignore, so, really, he had this coming, but, what with the soul searching, puns, and humor that will ensue, perhaps what we'll have is an homage. Or perhaps not. You decide . . .

Hero On The Clock, by Anthony Ellison. An office Hero emerges from the sheep and gains the leverage to ask for a raise.

Amazon, by Cortney DeAngelo. An original piece about an Amazon performer in a world that worships the feminine petite. Written and performed by Cortney DeAngelo. Directed by Estevan J. "Chuy" Zarate.

Con*text: Consent, Consequences, Connection, designed by Gloria C. Adams, directed by Seanan Kristine, produced by Teresa Johnson, written and performed by all three women. “Con,” from the Latin meaning “to be with thoroughly.” A conclave of women convenes to challenge the constructs of power. Accompany them as they conspire to conjure growth through the creation of connection. Content warning: This show deals with sexual assault, domestic violence, and abuse dynamics.

Rook, with Sarah Marie Curry, Cat Drago, Megan Sherrod, and Walter Nichols (Rook). Rook is a modern musical improv troupe from Austin, Texas. Using a unique blend of synth and piano, drama and comedy, improvisation and theatrical training, Rook is the cutting edge in musical improv. Made up on the spot, emotional and poignant, hilarious and cerebral, this off-off-off-Broadway show will be surprising, delightful, and oh-so-well sung in twenty-five minutes. Rook is good because of training and amazing because of improv.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Everything I needed to know about misogyny, I learned in kindergarten, by J. Whitney Williams. The account of how I developed my ethical framework. We all have stories we don't like to tell. This is mine.

Awww, The Magic of a Full Moon! by Marilyn Smith. A man and woman bump into each other. Is this by accident, or is it fate? The relationship grows from that first encounter to drinks at a bar, through the first fight, and finally towards reconciliation. As they converse with each other, the audience gets to hear their private thoughts to what the other just said. The humorous differences between the opposite sexes leave open the question of the pull of universal forces on relationships.

Fly Girl, written and performed by Christine Hoang. As a Vietnamese-American girl growing up in the 90s, Christine always wanted to be Carrie Ann Inaba, the “Asian Fly Girl” on In Living Color. Two decades later, she finally gets her chance when she auditions and gets cast as a 90s hip-hop dancer in a local sketch comedy show Doper Than Dope, run by a team of Millennials. Throughout this process, Christine, a Gen Xer, learns that Millennials are not the “entitled” generation, but the “make it happen” generation.

Mean Mean Streets: The 21 Souvenirs, by Brian Wittenbrook. In a city on edge, a criminal, a broken-hearted lover, a former child star, and others hold the secrets behind the brutal murder of a prominent local businessman. Mean Mean Streets: The 21 Souvenirs is a series of interlocking monologues from a comically noir hellscape filled with crime, misfortune, and elaborate cookie bouquets.

Isabella and Her Dinosaur, by Cami Alys & Zach Muhn. Isabella and Her Dinosaur are two Austin comedians that love to sing songs and ponder the abyss.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

The River of Haircuts, by Kyle John Schmidt (ScriptWorks Commission). A new play by the multiple Best-of-Fest-winning team of writer Kyle John Schmidt and director Elizabeth C. Lay. ]

Seeing Red, by Joy Cunningham. Small town and rural Americans tell the story of what they have lost, how they were forgotten, and why they are so freakin’ mad.

The Belief Monologue, written and performed by Tai Nguyen. Tai Nguyen discusses about beliefs and how it shapes our reality until that reality crumbles and we are forced to adopt new beliefs to keep on going or perish along with the old beliefs.

[jettison], by Cris Edwards. A performance.

Dog Joggers, with Mary Kahle, Laura King, Mary Henderson, Timo Xzavier & Mike Topel. Long-form improv creating a scenic journey of absurdity, sweetness, and torment fueled by small talk usually expressed in therapy. PG-13. Will not feature horror movie clowns. May unsettle people with heightened startle reflexes. No dogs or joggers will be harmed in this production.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

The Clank, by Marco Gutierrez and adapted by Blake Robbins (Austin Playwrights Studio Rep). Desperate for work, a brain surgeon agrees to perform experiments for a secret government project. All the while, he has serio­comic battles with his conscience. Adapted and Directed by Blake Robbins. G. Warren Steele, Producer.

One Woman, 57 Boyfriends, by Krissy Olson. A solo monologue with vocal performance, written and performed by opera singer/actress Krissy Olson.

Cheating M'Fers, by Ty Spencer Hoppe. Short play dealing with adultery, starting over, and the gay-male-straight-female friendship dynamic.

You Ain't No Sissy, by Jack Darling. An autobiographical show of storytelling and magic. Written and performed by Jack Darling. Produced by Christine Darling.

This Side of the Window, written and directed by Tristan Young Mercado. Highlights the angst created when a middle-aged couple compare their lives to that of their younger, hipper new neighbors.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Jomo & The Possum Posse: New Directions, by Jomo & The Possum Posse. This sardonic honky-tonk band will show you something they've never shown anyone else before, in a VERY intimate setting.

Gospel Hour, by Dan Caffrey. Inspired by Bruce Springsteen's "State Trooper," Gospel Hour catches a police officer parked on the side of the highway, reflecting on his past misdeeds in a moment of severe crisis.

At Ease, by Brittani Sonnenberg. At Ease, a hybrid theater piece by Brittani Sonnenberg, draws on and fiddles with the artistic traditions of poetry readings, plays, and church hymns. It is a one-woman show about being a one-woman show in the world.

Big Iron Fires, by Greg Romero. Gwen goes off-script so she can listen to you. Lost characters from a different play, a volunteer from the audience, a song, and a gun. We don't know everything that will happen. Directed by Jess Shoemaker.

The Knuckleball Now, performed by Lee Eddy and Craig Kotfas (The Knuckleball Now). Together for over fifteen years, the accolade-riddled The Knuckleball Now perform their PEAK & POP method of improv comedy. A series of quick scenes build a mind-spinning energy that quickly create a collection of delightful themes and memorable characters. Awarded 2015 & 2017 Rudy Kloptik Award for Outstanding Improvisational Troupe by B. Iden Paynes and former FronteraFest Best of Fest selection.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.



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