We Had a Grand Time, Didn’t We, Kid? (Ramon Carver). An excerpt from the Long Fringe piece playing at Salvage Vanguard Theatre through February 3. This upbeat musical retrospective features Ramon Carver, whose plays have been produced off-Broadway (Samuel Beckett Theatre), in West Hollywood (Charlie Chaplin’s CAST Theatre), in San Francisco (ACT Theatre), and elsewhere.
Slumming University Style, by Tommy LeVrier. Black comedy of famous playwright doing a workshop where she does nothing. Participants turn on her and drive her mad with appearances by James Brown, Marie Antoinette, and General Douglas MacArthur!
Two Guys From Yonkers, by Bob Olmstead and Paul Normandin. Improvised short stories that explore life, relationships and the value of a crappy shot of tequila. From a small bar in Yonkers to anywhere and back again, in 25 minutes or less . . .TGFY is a two-man, short-form, narrative, improvisational format show designed to delight and entertain, while occasionally touching your heart along the way.
Love, by Estevan Daniel Ochoa Labrado. A ritual that manifests the creative and destructive power of love. Directed by Alexis Arredondo. Featuring Christopher Acosta as Shadow and Estevan Labrado as Light.

My 1966 & 1967 Seasons With The Houston Astros, written and performed by Ken Webster. Award-winning actor/director Ken Webster explains his strange obsession with the 1966 & 1967 Astros. Webster's Twitter Feed @1968Astros started as a diary of the 1966 Houston Astros season as seen through the eyes of Webster's favorite player from childhood, John Bateman. The diary, part fact and part fiction, has been featured in several stories by sportswriters. Webster describes how he became an amateur historian chronicling his favorite team and the years 1966 and 1967.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Jack and Melinda, by Abe Koogler (ScriptWorks Commission). Jack and Melinda are devoted to each other. Then the physical world begins to dissolve. How will they ever cope?

 9/11- the Al Qaeda press conference, by David Miller. It’s late in the morning after 9/11 and Al Qaeda’s spokesman is holding a press briefing and answering a few questions -- using only the bland, professional language of a typical White House/Pentagon press conference. An uncomfortable look at what it sounds like when you’re on the wrong end of the drone strike.

Christopher-Michael Presents: The Hootie Hoo Spoken Word Review, by Christopher-Michael, Jeanine Krueger, Robert Smith. The three writer/performers will attempt to create one cohesive story compiled from several poems individually created for the purpose of competitive slam poetry.
BRINE II: Alien Journey - Move to Texas, by Stuart Hersh. A Boy Raised in New England tells the part of his family's story he learned only because he moved to Texas four decades ago. Stuart's fifth play at FronteraFest with his unique brand of storytelling.
How to Wear Your Back Pack by Pete Betcher, Katie Kohler, Justin Morley, Jeremiah Rosenberger. Fast-paced movement piece where performers wear giant pads of paper which form various props, costumes and scenery throughout the piece. Very energetic, original, and hilarious.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

The Hag Who Would Nag, by Miriam Relyea. A 5-minute spoof of a children's book from the yet-to-be-completed musical titled "Proverbs According to the Kangaroos". The musical is the interpretation of the Book of Proverbs by the Kangaroo class (a kindergarten Sunday School).
Codger! devised by Michael Holmes. With works by Edmund Burke, Frank Stanton, Davy Crockett, Vachel Lindsay, Hart Crane, Edward Lear and Edna St. Vincent Millay.
All About a Boy, by Mariah MacCarthy. Cambiare Productions, in association with CAPS LOCK Theatre, presents All About a Boy. Written by New York Innovative Theatre Best Play nominee Mariah MacCarthy, All About a Boy is what happens when two women go to war over the arm candy. A simple turf battle spirals into absurdity as the combatants shuck expectation and traditional gender roles to win at all costs. Performed by Elena Weinberg and Mallory Larson.

The Rothko Room, by Stuart Spencer (Rene Brister Kendall, producer). A man and a woman have a "chance" meeting in a museum room full of Rothko paintings.

Songs That Remind Me of My Sister (part two) by Cyndi Williams (Featured Alum). Cyndi Williams performs one of her Facebook essays.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

 The Butterfly Monologues written and performed (with original songs and music) by Patrice Blue Maltas. Directed by Amparo Gracia-Crow. A four-act one-woman show of her journey as a musician and her life as a rock and roll wild child who finds liberation from her traditional dysfunctional Greek and Catholic family upbringing. Growing up in the Woodstock era searching for love & enlightenment, she emerges from her life's adversity with a deep sense of purpose as an actress and musician. An excerpt from the Long Fringe performance.
Lonely Highway, by Hans Frank. A transcendental minstrel in the tradition of Li'l Abner and Dr. Faustus. Named FronteraFest 2002 Best of Fest and recipient of an Austin Critics Circle Award, Lonely Highway returns to FronteraFest 2013.

Edge of the Looking Glass, by Dee Travis, adapt. Dee Travis & Nathan Jerkins. Adapted from Dee Travis's 2011 science fiction short story, Edge of the Looking Glass tells the story of Samantha, Lewis, and humanity's increasing reliance on the Embedded Network Apparatus.

Pleasure Machine, by David Nguyen. Eddie has a good life: A loving relationship, a lifelong friend…He is happy and content with his life. While he isn’t one to complain, he finds it curious how his life has ended up so nicely. Through light conversation, he explores the idea that his life may not be all that it seems.

The Last Inning, by Gale McCray. Using baseball stories to touch people's hearts and funny bones.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

 Motivation, by Wesley Riddle. Through dream-like scenes, we watch an actor relive the night his mother died. A surreal nightmare with a chorus bookended with Hamlet.
Rauchenberg's Eagle by Paullette MacDougal (Gaia Farnam, producer). A short comedy based on a real IRS case involving a bereaved daughter, a taxidermied bird and an Art auction.
Kazmir, by Paul Kastava. Kazmir is a short play about a die-hard New York Mets fan who comes into contact with the owner of the Mets while on his anniversary dinner. Will he try to save his marriage or his favorite team?
The Magnolia Foundling, by Shruti Koparkar. Two estranged sisters struggle to reconcile their differences when their father is gripped by Alzheimer's disease. Will they find forgiveness?

The Trajical Deth of Marlowe, Act I, scene I, by Robert Deike. Thomas Kyd, semi-famous playwright and one-time lover of Kristofer Marlowe, has recently been tortured by the Crown of England and has confessed that Marlowe is a dangerous atheist and homosexual. Having given them a signed confession, Kyd is released from prison and subsequently meets with an unwanted surprise from his past.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Wolves of Beirut, by Kat Sparks. Writer-actor Kat Sparks performs in her political thriller Wolves of Beirut, with Gerald Brodin and Bart Fletcher. This scene from the screenplay introduces the story of a 25-year old soldier mysteriously injured in the Iraq War, who is living at home in a wide-eyed coma and can’t hear or understand what's being said around him.  Or can he?

The Second Republic, by Jason Rainey (ScriptWorks Commission). We did it! We finally seceded! . . . Now what? (with Kerry Awn as President Perry!)
Ahi Wela, created by David Thompson (Tellers2). Over 2000 native Hawai'ians fought in World War II. Ahi Wela portrays a young girl's experience when her brother enlisted to fight in the Pacific Theater. Touching on the Japanese-American internment camps, reliving Pearl Harbor, and celebrating ohana (family), through this original piece David gives thanks to those who fought and returned, or not.  And many many many thanks to the awesome Hawai'ian musician Israel Kamakawiwo'ole whose song inspired this story.

Dahlia, by Michael Floyd. Dahlia is the story of a young screenwriter whose encounter with the subject of his latest work could lead him to the height of fame or the depths of insanity. This dark tale examines the obsessive relationship between an artist and their muse.
Bodily Functions Follies, by Margo Stutts Toombs. This adult show is a mad-cap romp through the “plumbing” of a hot 60+ woman. If you are under 50, take notes. If you are over 50, pray. It’s about to get ugly.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

The Brothers Merlin, by Loaded Gun Theory. A preview of Loaded Gun Theory's next collaboratively written piece: a carnival, freaks, the Alligator Man, a mysterious stranger . . . They all meet at the crossroads of America.

EHD, by Charley Devany. A one-man play based on the writings and life of my father. Directed by Shawn Hinkle and Gregg Moore.
Survival Skills for the Modern 20 Something, by Chrissy Shackelford. Your every-day guide to living life as a 20-Something. With or without hashtags.

Four Little Words, by Holly Provance. When 52 year-old Kellie responds to a Craigslist ad for a Saturday night date, she has no idea the emotional and sexual journey she is about to undertake.

oh....Shhhhhhh....my alien children are trying to kill me, written and performed by Zell Miller, III (Featured Alum). This combination performance piece will feature excerpts from the award winning play "My child...my child...my alien child" that was first performed at FronteraFest and the critically acclaimed "oh....shit. it's a girl." Come sit in the mind and heart of a theater artist who balances his the muse of his creativity with being a father to two of the most amazing and challenging children God ever created. 

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Rabbi Lipschtick & Sons, by Rebecca Karpovsky, Amanda Lundquist and Jules Pashall. An interactive performance by The Lipschtick Collective exploring a world of blurred gender and identities using queer and Jewish aesthetics.
Kevorkian's Cat, by Maggie Gallant. Vicki really doesn't hate all cats. But it's hard to prepare your husband for his wedding day when the nursing home's fuzzy grim reaper won't bugger off.
17, by Jacob Dodson, Christopher Michael, and Danny Strack.
a show of haiku:
three poets bastardize a
japanese art form

Hooks and Wholes, created by Five Foot Something. Natalie, Stuart, Marisa, and Bryan are between 5'3" and 5'7" and have been making work together for almost ten years. Our new piece is about a journey with movement, music, and objects. We know where we are going but we have no desire to get there.

Oh, Science! by Josh Gill, Alex Baia, Nathan Livni, Ed Melendez, and Kristin Henn. Oh, Science! will perform a 20 to 25 minute improvised show. All work is created in the moment by cast members.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Stuffed, by Erin Fleming and Tyler Mabry. A bittersweet mini-musical comedy that explored the cultural phenomenon that is a storage unit auction and all that it reveals about human nature.
DFW, by Bridgette Tuckfield, Madeline Tuckfield, and Amy Wright. A young woman confronts her ghosts as another tries very hard to catch a plane to get where she is going. Special thanks to Thomas Seabolt.
The Blissful Orphans, by Kyle John Schmidt. After the last orphan is adopted, the proprietors of a Dickensian orphanage face an empty nest, a life crisis, and a surplus of whimsical bonnets. Directed by Elizabeth C. Lay.
Stet, written and performed by John Ratliff. A monologue about copyediting and other compulsive behaviors.
UpRise! Productions Presents: "Speak the Spoken," by Xenogia Spoken Word Collective. This is a sample of the full-length production that will be going up at the Vortex Theater Jan 31, Feb 1, Feb 2 of 2013. This excerpt features the multi-talented crew of poets who use words as weapons, movement, soundscapes, and hip-hop culture to tell the tales to be told.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

It'll Change Your Life, by Meg Haley. This short play explores the power of good food and a great glass of wine. It may or may not be set in the later 1950s, when foodies were often just women in dresses stuck in kitchens or assumed to be whores.

A Bear Tale, by Steve Adams. By sheer accident and dumb luck (emphasis on the "dumb"), for my first summer job out of high school I found myself working in "The Only Grizzly Bear Show in the World," which happened to be in Grand Prairie, Texas. I'll be telling the true story of how the deal went down.
Dark King Kills Unicorn by Reina Hardy (ScriptWorks Commission), directed by P. Tyson Midkiff. In this 20-minute epic fantasy, two legendary warriors meet for battle, and mostly talk about girls. Contains romance, adventure, heartbreak and a man-on-unicorn fight.

HAPPY HOUR STARTS AT 3:00, by Sue Bilich. The last non-smoking club in town where you can have a drink, and enjoy a little music from time to time.
The Wine Smugglers....Tragedy Gone Wrong by Topping Haggerty, Susannah Raulino and Nancy Lyon. Ahhhhh....life. In this improvised play by The Wine Smugglers, it just seems for the three main characters that everyone else's ups are their downs. It may all work out, but see for yourself and find humor in the strangest places as the Wine Smugglers explore Tragedy Gone Wrong.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Dancing on Gods’ Waterlillies by Deborah Garoui (produced by Eric Nelson & Gaia Farnam). A family of Italian women bantering over foreskin and funerals.

20 Things About Ken Webster, written and performed by Ken Webster. HPT Artistic Director will share twenty interesting facts about his life. Only one of them is untrue. Will the audience be able to guess which is untrue?
The Masterpiece, by Patrick Knisely, Jay Byrd, Ammon Taylor. Surreal improv inspired by the works of David Lynch, Frank Zappa, and Salvador Dali.
Ask the Psychopomp, by Wendy Vastine. A solo interactive experimental musical, this piece is based on the chance rolling of the trickster's dice, which means that each performance will be completely different but will contain a song, a story, a shift in characters AND will in some way address Death while exploring the idea of walking in between worlds.

I Put My Love Right Cheer So's I Wouldn't Fergit Where It Was, But Somebody Stole'd It by Tooper Tater (Emily Fordyce, Featured Alum, producer). Another bowl of Meander Cat Stew, another Christmas ruined by Ernest Borgnine, another foot chewed off to fit the slipper . . . performed to the edges by Peck Phillips.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

You're Perfect! You'll Do... by Emily Durden and J Kevin Smith. A comedic exploration of a new relationship, told by a hopeless romantic and a relationship cynic.
Nekkid, by Inga Kalatschan, Martinique Duchene-Phillips, and Eva McQuade. An original short play with improvised elements and audience participation.
 That Road by Katherine Craft (Lindsey Sikes, producer). There exists a road where an old man stands. On that road walks a girl. Both lost and searching, today is the day their paths will cross.

The Naked I, by Candyce Rusk. Bijou is a dancer in Boston's notorious Combat Zone in the 1960s. She gets in deep with a few lovers/hustlers, working her way from a damaged past to a sweeter light. The Naked i is based on Candyce Rusk's solo short play A Shining Attribute, first staged at the Provincetown International Women's Theater Festival in 2010. Directed by Lindsey Sikes.

Pain Perdu, by Kirk German. A toast to the French.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

My New Therapist, by Kayla Newman. Date of birth, 5-1-90. I’m writing to schedule an appointment. An appointment with Dr. Yes You. This is kind of backwards, but can you come see me? I’d really appreciate it. K. Thanks! Bye! Oh. My number is 512-479-PLAY.

It Does Strange Things, by Gaia Farnam. A multimedia performance with unspeakable stories of monkeys.

LEONARD, THE MAGIC SOYBEAN! by Hank Schwemmer. A veggie-tastic song and dance extravaganza! Young and old will cheer as Leonard learns an important lesson about being true to yourself in this heartwarming fable of friends, fun and fiber!
Dish, written and performed by Catherine Berry. A Spalding Gray meets Carol Burnett style monologue featuring celebrities, obscurities and pine nuts.
Observation by Estevan Labrado (Poison Apple Initiative, producer). An examination of how limitations cause instinct to clash with intellect. That involves rodents.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime, by Max Langert (ScriptWorks Commission). Wow!
DA Foundry, by Topping Haggerty, Susannah Raulino, David Rosenbaum. DA Foundry performs improvised theater with improvised music and songs. This dynamic troupe creates rich fictional worlds, and populates them with strong characters, background music, and improvised singing. Also, quite funny.
Spacetansmananagasm, by Zeb L. West, with music potentially by Justin Sherburn. A one-man, puppetry, rock space opera! Check ignition, and may God's love be with you.
Land Escaping, by Patrick Shaw. A complicated modern conversation with Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility." Directed by Courtney Sale.

My Little Monster! by Rhonda F. Kulhanek. One crazy mom, a far-from-perfect daughter, a typical middle son, and a mischievous little monster…the ups and downs of raising kids in the 70’s.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Violet Crown: Dog's Town by Larry Mitchell (Theatre en Bloc). Set in the 'No Kill' city of Baustin, TX, this is the story of one dog's journey through a city of dog-loving people. Through shadow puppets, song, and a touch of rustic magic, this new folk musical examines life through the point of view of an animal in a human's world.
JUICE, by Linda Ramsey. Two newly-weds are scandalized by their new neighbors and their clairvoyant, text-happy seven-year-old son.

In Our Prime, by Gloria Rabil Bankler, Jessica Arjet, Ryan Hill, Paul Normandin. Four improvisational storytellers finding the grounded and real life in our fully made-up and improvised tales. From your suggestions, we will explore relationships as old as time with solid and grounded characters often unique yet every-day. In Our Prime does not seek comedy. We trust that just by looking in through the fourth wall the audience will find funny.
Love Itself, by Deva Haney. A piece that explores the meanings of love and loss.

My Arab Spring, by Keira McDonald (Featured Alum). True tales of love and adventure from an American girl living in a Bedouin village on the Red Sea.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

 Toys of My Youth: Easy-Bake Oven, The Harsh Manscape and Pajama Jeans, by Nettie Reynolds. Three pieces from a full one-woman show Toys of My Youth.

Linear Perspectives, written and directed by Kayla Lane Freeman. Linear Perspectives is a new one-act play that explores where logic intersects with feeling, human relationships through the lens of geometry.
Dream in 3D: The One Man Play, by SaulPaul. An actor and an artist, SaulPaul presents interactive theatre like no other as he entertains and intrigues while blending his voice, his guitar, his loop pedal and crowd participation to create a stage show that's nothing less than an EXPERIENCE. SaulPaul shares his story of tragedy and triumph. Poignant at times, humorous at others, Dream in 3D: The One Man Play tells the captivating story of SaulPaul going from prison incarceration to college graduation.

Meetup: The Musical, by Rain Nox. Directed by Cristl Climans. Longtime loner Juliet sets out to find "her people" in the wonderfully strange world of Meetups.

The Chronicles of Felsdspar, by Zach Muhn and Alan Metoskie. From the icy wastes of Chicago thunders The Chronicles of Feldspar! More than just a sketch show, this is the flagship for a multi-media comedy project from the minds of Austin ex-pats Zach Muhn and Alan Metoskie. Watch the principle characters, Feldspar and Spidertooth laugh, cry, sing and dance their way through the fantasy world of Glorion. FeldsparAndSpidertooth.org for more!

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.



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