Hyde Park Theatre is currently selling tickets for the following shows:
Jan 14th-17th, Jan 21st-24th, Jan 28th-31st, Feb 4th-7th at 8:00pm
Jan 18th, 25th, Feb 1st, Feb 8th at 8:00pm
Jan 22nd at 7:00pm;Jan 24th at 9:00pm;Jan 25th at 5:00pm;Jan 26th at 4:15pm
Jan 22nd at 9:00pm;Jan 24th at 7:00pm;Jan 25th at 3:00pm;Jan 26th at 2:15pm
Jan 23rd at 9:00pm;Jan 25th at 7:00pm;Jan 26th at 12:00pm and 6:15pm
Jan 23rd at 7:00pm;Jan 25th at 1:00pm and 9:15pm;Jan 26th at 8:30pm
Jan 29th at 8:45pm;Jan 31st at 7:00pm;Feb 1st at 5:30pm;Feb 2nd at 3:00pm
Jan 30th at 8:30pm;Feb 1st at 12:00pm and 9:15pm;Feb 2nd at 5:15pm
Jan 30th at 7:00pm;Jan 31st at 9:15pm;Feb 1st at 2:15pm and 7:45pm
Jan 29th at 7:00pm;Feb 1st at 3:45pm;Feb 2nd at 1:15pm and 7:30pm
Feb 11th-15th at 8:00pm
Feb 27th-29th, Mar 5th-7th, Mar 12th-14th, Mar 19th-21st, Mar 26th-28th at 8:00pm