FronteraFest Short Fringe 2019

Tonight's shows now reflect actual performance order.

Achilles, by Todd A. Clark. It’s late, and the clock is ticking in an otherwise quiet mission control room for the Achilles solar survey Mercury probe. A project specialist's unauthorized selfie has revealed a collision with an interstellar "arrow" that threatens the mission and Earth itself. Can the specialist successfully navigate space program politics and a twisted love triangle to save us all from annihilation?

The Misplays, by Aaron Rubin, Adrian Gwarzalez, Derek Cornelius, and Nicholas Marino. A high-fantasy improv adventure of magical proportions, The Misplays will use a sealed pack of Magic: The Gathering cards to generate suggestions from the audience to tell an improvised narrative story from the game of Magic!

In Bloom, by Robin Anderson. An original short play about a woman struggling to find her footing after divorce who finds unexpected support from a young woman working at a garden center.

Never Clip Your Toenails While Under the Influence of Drugs, by Sandy Maranto. Playwright and author Sandy Maranto steps from behind the computer and onto the stage as she shares the poignant, yet also humorous, story of her road to and through her breast cancer diagnosis.

The Brojan War, a new musical, by Bromer. High on Mount Brolympus, the Brolympian gods do what they do everyday--compete to see who is the most swole. Encountering a tie, they insert themselves into the affairs of men, inspiring the Spurtans to defend their heteronormative, exclusively male license to earthly nobility against the Brojans. What will the sages call this manly battle of men? The Brojan War.
Jan 15th-18th, Jan 22nd-25th, Jan 29th-31st, Feb 1st, Feb 5th-8th at 8:00pm

FronteraFest Best of Week 2019

BEST OF WEEK #1. Four of the shows that play in tonight's "Best of Week" performance will be selected by our panel from the previous week's shows; the fifth will be chosen by audience vote. The selected shows will be announced here by noon the day of performance.
Jan 19th, 26th, Feb 2nd, Feb 9th at 8:00pm

Riveted Rosie

Riveted Rosie, by James E. Burnside (Travelling Troupe)
(90 minutes)

Dr. Ramone and Dr. Truffledina must find the defect in a "female" robot acting erratically. Ola Mae Baartman, Director of Liaisons for Hephaestus Enterprises Inc., is %@#*. Oh, and there is one very confused Dick, the robot owner. What will the tests confirm? What can be done for her . . . it? Will you help solve the mystery of Mutt?
Tickets: $17

Mon. 1/21 8:45pm; Weds. 1/23 7:00pm; Fri. 1/25 8:45pm; Sat. 1/26 6:00pm
Jan 21st, Jan 25th at 8:45pm;Jan 23rd at 7:00pm;Jan 26th at 6:00pm


SETLL, by Amanda Chang
(60 minutes)

SETLL (Suspected Extra-Terrestrial Landing Location) is a new play that questions what lies beyond the limits of what we know. The play explores the world of four Extra-Terrestrial Arrival Ambassadors as they camp out and contemplate the nature of heroism, the vastness of the universe, and the complexity of human relationships. But will the extra-terrestrials arrive, or will the Ambassadors be left waiting once again?

Tickets: $15

Mon. 1/21 7:00pm; Weds. 1/23 9:15pm; Fri. 1/25 7:00pm; Sat. 1/26 4:15pm
Jan 21st, Jan 25th at 7:00pm;Jan 23rd at 9:15pm;Jan 26th at 4:15pm

(pretty shiny cage) // Consu(Me)

(pretty shiny cage) // Consu(Me), by Lindsey Greer Sikes (Purdy Mischief)
(75 minutes)

Purdy Mischief is here for your pleasure. Groom her. Feed her. Consume her. Hybrid performance artist Lindsey Greer Sikes unleashes her latest HumAnimal for a romp onstage through fields of ravished strawberries and socio-political conundrums examining the bondage of our human lives within the cage we call society. Trapped HumAnimals do not fear! Purdy is here, with permission.

Tickets: $15

Tues. 1/22 9:15pm; Thurs. 1/24 7:00pm; Sat. 1/26 2:15pm; Sat. 1/26 10:30pm
Jan 22nd at 9:15pm;Jan 24th at 7:00pm;Jan 26th at 2:15pm and 10:30pm

Straitjacket: Variations on a Theme of Horror

Straitjacket: Variations on a Theme of Horror, a monodrama by Charles P. Stites (Paladin Theatre Company)
(90 minutes)

Tortured by a sadistic warden, prisoner Darrell Standing is locked away in solitary confinement, sealed in a straitjacket for days at a time. In order to escape the horror of his reality, Standing astral projects out of his body to relive his past lives. Straitjacket is a riveting story of madness, escape, and the terror of eternity. Freely adapted from The Star Rover by Jack London.

Tickets: $10

Tues. 1/22 7:00pm; Thurs. 1/24 9:00pm; Sat. 1/26 12:00pm; Sat. 1/26 8:15pm
Jan 22nd at 7:00pm;Jan 24th at 9:00pm;Jan 26th at 12:00pm and 8:15pm

Booger Red

Booger Red, by Jim Loucks
(60 minutes)

Loucks' solo performance, loosely based on stories from his childhood, focuses on his relationship with his father, a Hellfire and Brimstone Southern Baptist preacher, and his struggle to come out from under the shadow of his larger-than-life persona. It is the story of someone finding their own unique voice, resisting the pressures of society’s ideas of who they should be, and forging their own way. Produced by Deb Loucks. Directed by Lisa Chess.

Tickets: $10

Mon. 1/28 9:15pm; Wed. 1/30 7:00pm; Fri. 2/1 9:15pm; Sat. 2/2 4:00pm

Jan 28th, Feb 1st at 9:15pm;Jan 30th at 7:00pm;Feb 2nd at 4:00pm

Speed Levitch's Birth of the New Ghetto

Speed Levitch's Birth of the New Ghetto, by Speed Levitch (Speed Levitch Productions)
(90 minutes)

As a Zionist leader, Theodor Herzl's a natural. As a playwright, he's a putz. As a husband? Oy. In this hilarious black comedy, Speed Levitch's The Birth of the New Ghetto shows Theodore Herzl, the founding father of Zionism, through a historical drama in the shape of a borscht-belt comedy. Picture The Sorrow and the Pity as written by Neil Simon.

Tickets: $17

Mon. 1/28 7:00pm; Weds. 1/30 8:45pm; Fri. 2/1 7:00pm; Sat. 2/2 5:45pm
Jan 28th, Feb 1st at 7:00pm;Jan 30th at 8:45pm;Feb 2nd at 5:45pm

Dog Play, Pug to Wolfhound: Patty to Beatrice, Bitch to Bitch

Dog Play, Pug to Wolfhound: Patty to Beatrice, Bitch to Bitch, by Michael Michaelian.
(90 minutes)

Dog Play is a tribute celebrating the human-canine relationship. With Jude Hickey and Justin Scalise as two men, an American in Central Texas and an Englishman in London who develop their friendship are better able to express their feelings and deepen their understanding of each other by exchanging letters to each other in the personalities of their respective dogs. Proceeds will benefit local dog charities.

Tickets: $15

Tues. 1/29 7:00pm; Thurs. 1/31 8:45pm; Sat. 2/2 12:00pm; Sat. 2/2 8:00pm
Jan 29th at 7:00pm;Jan 31st at 8:45pm;Feb 2nd at 12:00pm and 8:00pm

Shield Maiden

Shield Maiden, by Melanie Teichroeb
(60 minutes)

Outrageous. Funny. Unapologetic! This one-woman show takes you to tenth century Sweden for a Norse RED Talk. Think TED Talks with a Viking twist. Ingrid Larsdottir, Shield Maiden, motivational warrior, tells the untold truth of Viking women warriors as she seeks new recruits. But cracks in her emotional armour reveal a struggle with forces beyond her control. Critics call this the breakout show of 2019.
Tickets: $17

Tues. 1/29 9:15pm; Thurs. 1/31 7:00pm; Sat. 2/2 2:15pm; Sat. 2/2 10:15pm
Jan 29th at 9:15pm;Jan 31st at 7:00pm;Feb 2nd at 2:15pm and 10:15pm

FronteraFest Best of Fest 2019

BEST OF FEST Bill A. Tonight we present five shows selected from among the 2019 Saturday "Best of Week" performances: four chosen by our panel and the fifth by audience vote. The selected shows will be announced on our website Sunday , February 10.

PLEASE NOTE: This same bill of shows is also playing on Friday, February 15.
Feb 12th-16th at 8:00pm