FronteraFest 2020 Short Fringe

Tonight's shows now listed in performance order.

The Texas Book of Beasts: Year of the Rooster, by Jeff Irvin. Audience yoga (seated) with hats, clickers, insane plot, and singalong. Audience crows like a rooster, howls like a wolf, and yells at cattle. Spinoff of similar efforts last two years.

A Tethered Butterfly, by James E. Burnside. A solo play featuring Kristen Gooch.

The Silo Effect ,by Jay DiPrima. A 10+ minute play that explores the interaction of "Alexa" with seniors that are discovering its pseudo capacity for dialogue and intimacy. The AI interactions are both humorous and disarming.

The Tail of Lulu, written and performed by Isis Guzman. A tribute to the baddest basset hound in the game!

Vintage Boots, by Jonna Juul-Hansen. The view from 55 . . . or as my 17 year old describes it "that depressing shit."
Jan 14th-17th, Jan 21st-24th, Jan 28th-31st, Feb 4th-7th at 8:00pm


Tatay, by Pelita Dasalla
Tatay is an expanded form of a ten-minute play from OUT OF INK 2018: Lost and Found with the same title, produced by ScriptWorks. It is a Filipino-American story about a young woman named Anita who yearns for her mother’s affection and truth about her father. It is a heartfelt story that deals with family, loss, love, and cultural identity. Directed by Leng Wong. Tickets $15. (75 Mins.)

Weds. 1/22 @ 9:00 PM; Fri. 1/24 @ 7:00 PM; Sat. 1/25 @ 3:00 PM & Sun. 1/26 @ 2:15 PM

Jan 22nd at 9:00pm;Jan 24th at 7:00pm;Jan 25th at 3:00pm;Jan 26th at 2:15pm

They Serve Brisket in Paradise

They Serve Brisket in Paradise, by Sandy Maranto.
Family members - gotta love 'em! We often take them for granted until they're no longer in our lives. In this quirky comedy, the Williamson family discovers just what they mean to each other while trying to find a way out of a precarious situation. Performed by Karina Dominguez, Christopher Gonzalez, Cathie Sheridan, and Luke Wallens. Directed by Linda Nenno. Tickets $10. (75 Mins.)

Wed. 1/22 @ 7:00 PM; Fri. 1/24 @ 9:00 PM; Sat. 1/25 @ 5:00 PM & Sun. 1/26 @ 4:15 PM

Jan 22nd at 7:00pm;Jan 24th at 9:00pm;Jan 25th at 5:00pm;Jan 26th at 4:15pm

Bittersuite: Songs of Experience

Bittersuite: Songs of Experience, Music by Elliot Weiss & Lyrics by Michael Champagne (Bohemian Theatricals)
Akin to Sondheim and Weill, a musical song cycle about the joys and pains, the ups and downs, and the victories and defeats of living life. Hysterically funny & soulfully poignant. Directed by Rick Roemer, Musical Direction by Adam Roberts. With Tyler Jones, Leslie Rodgers, Rick Roemer, Lara Wright, Ann Pittman Zarate. Tickets $20 (90 Mins).

Thurs. 1/23 @ 9:00 PM; Sat. 1/25 @ 7:00 PM; Sun. 1/26 @ 12:00 PM & Sun. 1/26 @ 6:15 PM

Jan 23rd at 9:00pm;Jan 25th at 7:00pm;Jan 26th at 12:00pm and 6:15pm

FronteraFest 2020 Best of Week

BEST OF WEEK #1. Four of the shows that play in tonight's "Best of Week" performance were selected by our panel from the previous week's shows; the fifth was chosen by audience vote. Shows are listed in performance order:

Three Tragedies in 25 minutes or Less, by Shakespeare with modifications by Beth Burroughs. A group of ragtag actors attempt to perform 3 of Shakespeare's Tragedies in the allotted time frame.

St. Stephen's Pier, by Heath Allyn. A trio of scenes examining three different times in the lives of three friends in three different pairings all at the same pier by the ocean.

Vintage Boots, by Jonna Juul-Hansen. The view from 55 . . . or as my 17 year old describes it "that depressing shit."

The Stand-Off, by Christian Jacob Ramon. This is a two-person short play about a cop and a gangster who have a standoff in an alleyway, but come to find out that they are actually from each other's past.

Posse Power, by Jomo and The Possum Posse. The band has figured out how to generate electrical power using musical performance in this comedy musical.
Jan 18th, 25th, Feb 1st, Feb 8th at 8:00pm

Laughing Matter

Laughing Matter, by Greg Klein
Backstage during a standup show, two exes meet for the first time since their breakup. One is a local emcee, while the other returns a more successful comic, touring with the headliner. Interspersed between the standup performances, including their own, they discover neither are ready for that first conversation. Directed by Lindsay McKenna. Starring Madison Marie Laird, Chris Greene, Jeff Britt, and Suzanne Balling. Tickets $12. (75 Mins.)

Thurs. 1/23 @ 7:00 PM; Sat. 1/25 @ 1:00 PM; Sat. 1/25 @ 9:15 PM & Sun. 1/26 @ 8:30 PM

Jan 23rd at 7:00pm;Jan 25th at 1:00pm and 9:15pm;Jan 26th at 8:30pm

Possibilities - Storytelling with Poetry, Improv, and Song

Possibilities - Storytelling with Poetry, Improv, and Song, by Jennifer Bloom & In Our Prime
Jennifer Bloom shares poetry, songs, and stories to weave a tapestry of connection on her exploration of what it means to be human. In Our Prime Improv (Paul Normandin, Ryan Hill, and Gloria Rabil Bankler) finds fully-realized characters from Jennifer’s poetry and your input. They explore relationships both unique and every-day. Each show offers a new possibility…and a hug for your soul. Tickets $15 (90 Mins.)

Weds. 1/29 @ 8:45 PM; Fri. 1/31 @ 7:00 PM; Sat. 2/1 @ 5:30 PM & Sun. 2/2 @ 3:00 PM

Jan 29th at 8:45pm;Jan 31st at 7:00pm;Feb 1st at 5:30pm;Feb 2nd at 3:00pm

Straitjacket: Variations on a Theme of Horror

Straitjacket: Variations on a Theme of Horror, a monodrama produced, written, directed and performed by Charles P. Stites (Paladin Theatre Company)
Tortured by a sadistic warden, prisoner Darrell Standing is locked away in solitary confinement, sealed in a straitjacket for days at a time. In order to escape the horror of his reality, Standing astral projects out of his body to relive his past lives. Straitjacket is a riveting story of madness, escape, and the terror of eternity. Freely adapted from The Star-Rover by Jack London. Tickets $10 (90 Mins).

Thurs. 1/30 @ 8:30 PM; Sat. 2/1 @ 12 PM; Sat. 2/1 @ 9:15 PM & Sun. 2/2 @ 5:15 PM

Jan 30th at 8:30pm;Feb 1st at 12:00pm and 9:15pm;Feb 2nd at 5:15pm


Transhumance, by Ania Upstill (Butch Mermaid Productions)
Come dive into the absurd as we follow one clown’s surreal journey across the landscape of gender in search of a place to call home. Join NYC-based theatre artist Ania Upstill in this playful, heartfelt exploration of gender as they dare to imagine a world in-between. Tickets $15 (45 Mins).

Thurs. 1/30 @ 7:00 PM; Fri. 1/31 @ 9:15 PM; Sat. 2/1 @ 2:15 PM & Sat. 2/1 @ 7:45 PM

Jan 30th at 7:00pm;Jan 31st at 9:15pm;Feb 1st at 2:15pm and 7:45pm

Stand-Up Jesus

Stand-Up Jesus, by Robert Dubac (Moment-to-Moment Productions)
Making his first appearance in over 2000 years, Jesus of Nazareth returns with razor-sharp satire for sinners. Let he who is without sin, cast the first heckle! It’s a 2nd coming blessed with punchlines where god is the god of funny. Come battle the hypocrisy of false prophets and praise the truth that hurts with STAND-UP JESUS! Heaven awaits. Hell, yeah! Tickets $20 (60 Mins.)

Wed. 1/29 @ 7:00 PM; Sat. 2/1 @ 3:45 PM; Sun. 2/2 @ 1:15 PM; Sun. 2/2 @ 7:30 PM

Jan 29th at 7:00pm;Feb 1st at 3:45pm;Feb 2nd at 1:15pm and 7:30pm

FronteraFest 2020 Best of Fest

BEST OF FEST Bill B. Tonight we present five shows selected from among the 2020 Saturday "Best of Week" performances: four chosen by our panel and the fifth by audience vote. Plays will be announced here on Sunday, February 9. THIS BILL ALSO PLAYS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15.
Feb 11th-15th at 8:00pm


The long-awaited return of this wildly popular one-man show starring Ken Webster, originally produced by HPT in 1999, 2001, and 2009.

Victor, the loser inhabiting Daniel MacIvor's dark and furiously funny piece, takes you on a whirlwind tour of the offices, circus tents, supermarkets, Ramada Inns, sewers, dreams, and houses that compose the hallucinatory landscape of his life.

The Austin American Statesman: "Roaring laughter one moment and stunned silence the next. Webster knows how to grab an audience and hold them until right before they burst. . . . House is a brilliantly crafted, imaginative work that Webster takes to the edge of perfection in his portrayal."
Feb 27th-29th, Mar 5th-7th, Mar 12th-14th, Mar 19th-21st, Mar 26th-28th at 8:00pm