Party in the Desert, by Cecilia Brie Walker (producer: Brie Tschoepe). Hagar in the desert, Sarah at Ishmael's 13th birthday, and the birth of two nations who will war for millennia. Snapshots of their story told with videogame and song, in the bold styles of Beckett & Brecht.

Christian U2ber, by Tom Truss. A look at a young teen's naïve You Tube exploration and the dangerous fall out that follows.

Something Like Loneliness by Ryan Dowler (producer: Lost Beat Generation). A story about how our sensory memories can bring pain and also a breath of fresh air. When two neighbors meet in quite unexpected circumstances they learn about themselves and oddly about one another. They come to realize even the hardest memories are meant to be shared. Produced by Lost Beat Generation, a project of Scene Shop in Ft. Worth.

Nattie: At the DMV, by Natasha Sanchez aka “Nattie." With songs stories and projected photographs, Nattie chronicles her journey of self-discovery in unlikely places such as the DMV and McDonalds.

Just Eat Johnny, by Jericho Thorpe & Leah Moss. Improvised comedy with clowns that have seen the darker side of the circus.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Packing Memories, by Allison Orr Block. Two unsuspecting movers are confronted with the antics of an elderly woman as she rebels against her daughter's plans to place her in assisted living. Directed by Wendy Bable.

We Are All Volunteers, by John M. Meyer. (City on a Hill? Productions). A collage of wartime scenes from the Long Fringe piece titled American Volunteers.

Whistle, by Meg Haley (ASW Commission). Explores freedom, choice, imagination, the past and the future via dialogue and silences. The audience is thrust into Gigi and Ben’s relationship, and how these elements have pushed them together. Just when it looks as though Gigi’s losses and gains may bring it all to an end . . .

Things in Life, by Ben Prager. Three time Best-of-Fest winner Ben Prager performs comic monologues that portray with unblinking realism “ordinary” Americans, excerpted from his 2010 Long Fringe show.  In 2009, Things in Life was nominated for three Austin Critics Table Awards. Directed by Wynne West.

Saint Matilde’s Malady, by Kyle John Schmidt. A swashbuckling new play about rage, love, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Directed by Elizabeth C. Lay.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Incantations, by Philip Kreyche. One-man show: Alone on an isolated island off the coast of Ireland, French poet and writer Antonin Artaud speaks about his life, about pain, and about true spiritual freedom, while suffering from schizophrenia and painful nerve disorders.

John Brown from BOB, by Stuart Hersh. T
his year marks the 150th anniversary of John Brown's attempt to capture the federal armory at Harper's Ferry, Virginia and start a slave revolt. John Brown appears before the fictitious United States Commission on Race Relations just before he is scheduled to be hanged for treason.

Where Am I, by Kate Cleary (Performance Artist). Written, choreographed and performed by Kate Cleary, Where Am I? is an inquiry into the question of who, where, how am I? in my life right now using spoken word, props, dance.

Jail Bait , written and performed by Ken Webster. HPT Artistic Director and Austin Arts Hall of Fame member Ken Webster performs his monologue about how, as a 16-year-old, he lost his virginity to an older woman in the suburbs of Southwest Houston.  

Damas, Dramas, and Ana Ruiz, by Belinda Acosta. A performance/reading from Belinda Acosta's work of the same name.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Alcoholic Drama, by Tommy LeVrier.

Cardigan, by Trey Deason. Edgar Cardigan is telling us about his life, until a heckler in the audience causes him to embellish his story with extravagant details until the truth becomes irrelevant. Eventually, recalling all his past affairs he realizes he's never really been truthful with anyone except the one woman he pushed away.

The Mommy Confessions: An Excerpt by Rhonda Kulhanek . Three mommies confess their stories of motherhood revealing the truth about what it takes to be a mommy --- an excerpt from the hilarious one-woman show playing at Fronterafest Long Fringe.

And I Said, by Mike Henry. A one-man spoken word show written and performed by long-time Austin Slammaster Mike Henry. Directed by Zell Miller, III.

THE HAIKU DEATH MATCH! (Eirik Ott ). Three warrior poets attack each other with full-contact battle haiku during seven rounds of poetic competition. The audience becomes The Applause-O-Meter of Doom to determine the winner. Three poets enter the stage, but only one will be crowned champion; the others must commit seppuku live on stage. Directed and hosted by HBO "Def Poet" Big Poppa E and starring Austin Poetry Slam Team veterans Tony Jackson, Christopher Lee, David Hendler, and Danny Strack.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Kitsune Parade by Ellen Stader, Choreographer. A dance piece chronicling the choreographer's many encounters with foxes, set against the mystical backdrop of a Japanese fox-wedding procession.

The Punchline, by Alex Berry. Communication and a sense of humor are essential for any successful relationship. In the case of Scott and Roger, they possess neither of these qualities.This is a story about two sick people who are perfectly suited for their inevitable end.

The Bitter Poet's "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Cafes, Strip Clubs and Black Box Performance Spaces," by Kevin Draine. The Bitter Poet performs an excerpt from his Long Fringe show of the same name - a collection of darkly humorous satirical guitar-driven poems about searching for True Love and the contortionists you meet along the way!

Midnight Society. Known for their absurd humor and obscure pop culture references, Midnight Society has been performing together for over two years. In 2009, they were nominated for a B. Iden Payne Award and voted Austin's best improv troupe in the Statesman's A-List poll. They perform at ColdTowne Theater Saturdays at 11PM, and are performing in the FronteraFest Long Fringe, as well.

Growth (Danny Strack) will showcase a set of poems on the topics of time, space, sex, relationships, and how they all fit together.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Working Title, created and performed by Blacklisted Individuals (presented by Uprise Productions). A journey of sound, set to the Tragedies and Triumphs of 2 working class artists.

Single Being, by Tom Truss. Dance, puppetry, spoken text. Created and performed by Tom Truss. Four solo moments/vignettes about isolation - either self or culturally inflicted - with audience involvement using their iPods, cell phones or other handheld devices.

Love Puzzle, by Marcella Garcia & Jonathan Blackwell. Romantic comedy? Tragedy? Drama? See if you can put the pieces together.

Consultant for Hire, by Max Langert (ASW Commission). Hire me!

I'm not a writer . . .but I got a story to tell, by La Tasha Stephens. You see these people every day.  They make you laugh, grab your wallet, drop your eyes….  To you, they’re part of the landscape.  But what if one day, the landscape talked back?  Ain't that some shit?!?! Co-directed by Wendy Bable.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

H, by Kristen Kosmas, performed by Steve Moore. A man. A window and chair. "I didn't mind feeling it and I minded feeling it but I didn't mind minding feeling it."

Circled in Red, by Aslan Hollier based on the idea of Sarah McKinney. First produced at Stephen F. Austin School of Theate. An outlandish comedy about guys' points of view of women on their period. It's fun for both sexes!.

I’ve Got You Under My Skin, by Kate Motzenbacker. A problematic burlesque.

T– by Cindy Vining. An extract from Euripides' The Trojan Women.

Stoners and Self-Appointed Saints, by Annie La Ganga. Spoken word artist and writer Annie La Ganga performs a collage of monologues and poems about awkward grieving, bad judgment, and important stoners. A range of voices that are funny, depressed, deluded, idealistic, cynical, wise, compassionate, and warmly bitchy tell the story of a person determined to make a good life out of her creative mistakes, family traumas, and clumsy relationships.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

PREP, by Susan Busa & George Ayres. Will Lassater starts yet another year at yet another prep school. This time it's Worthington Prep Academy for Boys, where Worthington Men are made. Headmaster Tab teaches Will all there is to know about Worthington traditions. And there’s a lot to know.

Crossing the Line, by Jessica Arnold (produced by Rapscallions of the Periphery). A short comedy about the division of personality and the consequences thereof; because you can't have the good without the bad. Life is funny that way.

The Glamping Trip is David Lee Hess, Curtis Luciani, and John Ratliff. Using personal monologues as a stating point, these mainstays of Austin's Cold Towne Theater light up their grounded, realistic scenework with a seriously playful sense of the absurd. It's improv as funny, vivid, and mysterious as the dream that makes you wake up laughing.

Here, Nigger, by Roger Reeves. A short play that begins with a prank: one seventeen-year-old boy finds a Ku Klux Klan robe in a wood while hunting and wears it to spook his best friend. However, the robe has a mind and will of its own. In this play, the American legacy of race holds hostage even the most sacred of friendships. Directed by Kyle John Schmidt.

I ♥ Wal-Mart: The Re-Branding Meeting, by Larry Hill (Capital T Theatre). From the summer's hit I ♥ Wal-Mart, a satirical monologue aimed right at the gut of the big box retailer. Directed by Mark Pickell and performed by Mason Stewart.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

The Wafer, by Sandra Fountain (produced by Amber DuPuy).  Five actors rehearsing for scene study class run into taboos and technical difficulties no one could have anticipated.

Oh, Science! is an improv comedy troupe devoted to creating original, compelling tales of mystery, mayhem and hilarity. Composed of 11 local performers skilled in the art of long form improv, this performance will consist of a twenty minute spontaneous story or stories, based on a suggestion from the audience.

I drove I said I did, by Natalie George. Seeing is believing. Performance about the time period between May and November of '09.

Spinning the Bottle, by Krissi Reeves. A one-woman comedy show about mammal mating rituals, romantic love, bedwetting, and the Beaudelairian idea that one should always remain drunk.

Damned Avalanche, by Jenny Carlson & Patrick Knisely. An improvised comedic piece with strong characters in absurd situations.


The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Histrionics, by Julie Akers. Beth discovers she is not the only female visiting Leonard's apt in the wee hours of the morning. A highly charged and candid confrontation about sex, ownership, and perception ensues as the women trade notes about their experience.

Autorama, a poetry reading by W. Joe Hoppe & David Jewell

Battle: A montage of mayhem through movement, created and performed by Cry Havoc, the 2009 B. Iden Payne award nominees for Outstanding Fight Choreography for the play Windows. Presented by UpRise Productions.

Seamstress by Kenneth Wayne Bradley (ASW Commission). A one woman show featuring Melanie Dean, directed by Ellie McBride.

You and What Sketch Show by Matt Derman, Steve Donovan, Charles Formichella, Cortnie Jones, and Brian Engravalle. A selection of sketch comedy from the peculiar minds of You And What Productions.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Parents/Kids Dance Party by Michelle Flanagan in assoc. w/ Rubber Rep. 3 sisters, 4 daughters, 2 moms, and a grandma GET DOWN!

Blue, by Aslan Hollier. A beautiful romantic gothic story of love. A man, who seems to live in a fairy tale, does anything he can to obtain his love he lost to death; and it is all told in a very poetic way.

The Sex of Joy, by Joy Loveall. Unexpectedly finding herself single at 50, Joy gives us a humorous and heartbreaking glimpse into her titillating world exploring sex, love and intimacy with online dating and as an “accidental tourist” in an open relationship with a married man. 

Johns and Spirits by Jude Hinojosa. Mommy and daddy issues, gummi-bear addiction, and a need for affection, just a typical night for three young prostitutes. A dark comedy produced by Joe Solis and Jude Hinojosa. 

Confidence Men: Improvised Mamet by The Confidence Men. A new 25 minute, 2 act play will be improvised in the style of David Mamet.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

NOTE: order may be subject to change.

The Struggle Within by Danielle Ricci (produced by Borealis Dance.) A dance piece with spoken word about the struggle and fight that occurs within someone's mind when faced with an important decision that affects their life.

The Color of Pain, by Kristie Schuh. Experience the emotional effects of pain through the eyes of color.

Natasha Sonovavitch in "Dancing With The Czars," by Sue Bilich. Natasha Sononavich returns to FronteraFest. Natasha is the oldest living athlete in the world. She's from Russia. Her antics will make her audience fall in love with her.  

Astronaughty, by Keira McDonald. Music & Lyrics by Dafyyd James. A new musical about a female astronaut who drives 900 miles wearing diapers to mace her love rival in the face with pepper spray. She gets arrested.

Boy Toy, featuring David Hess, Cortnie Jones, Brent Foshee, Joshua Krilov, Liz Brammer, Arthur Simone, Jared Stepp, and Katie Sicking. Celebrates the grandfather of all comedic improvisations formats, the Harold, developed by Del Close in Chicago. One of only a handful of Harold troupes in Austin, Boy Toy is composed of Coldtowne Theater Conservatory teachers and graduates, an Air Sex World Champion, a World of Warcraft guru, an authority on recreation, a neuroscientist, the last person seen with Robert De Niro in Austin, and Dirty Baby, leader of the world's best ukulele rock-and-roll band.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

When You Say Go Here, by Errin Delperdang in collaboration with Matthew Young. A movement piece that deals with proximity. We are close, we are far away, we are tuned-in, we are oblivious, we are here. Our bodies will follow suit. Sound arrangement by Nicholas DeCarmine.

19 Years. by Julianna Fry. In nineteen minute-long stories, a family tells the life of their nineteen-year old after his suicide, unraveling some of his mysteries while they explore the sometimes fluid meaning of family through nearly two decades of shared change and experience.

Poor Life Choices, by Leah Moss. Life is full of choices, and none make more impact than the ones made out of impulse, passion, and plain stupidity. One woman shows us all the sage and disastrous advice that has guided her to make some supremely poor life choices. With a little song and dance for good measure.

Heartbreakers and Other Good Guys, by Kat Williams. Feel the grief of loss, the empowerment of anger and the freedom of loving as you journey through the joys of heartbreak in this funny and moving piece by Kat Williams.

Spit, by Evie Worsham aka June Doe. Short stories that are rare, incorruptible, striptease views of the inner workings of my heart, after all the therapy.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

The Understudy: A Musical, by Rain Nox. Behind the scenes a three-way struggle brews. A Broadway diva, an emo director, and the new girl battle it out in this musical comedy.

FAllING FOR YOU, by Ryan & Ross Wilsey, Chris Doubek, Tex Carlson. A lost soul pleads with a corpse.

Magician’s Assistant, by Christi Ginger. As one-half of the talented magic duo "The Amazing Christopher," Christi Ginger wowed audiences for several weeks until irreconcilable differences ended the partnership. Come see an impressive demonstration of freelance magic assistantship and see for yourself why she can probably do better and doesn't even care who his new assistant is.

An Ownership Society, by Hank Schwemmer (ASW Commission). 20 minutes somewhere between possessing and being possessed.

Cathy Dresden Sings for Her Supper, by Joe Hartman. Join Cathy Dresden, that singer with a heart of gold and pipes to match, as she gamely makes her way through the mid-west of 1959 with pianist Jerome Tolliver in tow.  It's "Swellegant"!

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

Gus! by David Meyers & Patrick Knisely. Buy the Whey presents Act I of Gus!, an original musical. Gus, a High School student, wants nothing more than to be an ice sculptor. His parents won’t allow it. His guidance counselor dismisses the idea. Gus is ready to give up, until a friend encourages him to follow his dreams.

Sea Witches & Storms, by Lorene Stilwell. Storyteller Lorene Stilwell weaves anecdotes and fantastical tales of the fisherfolk of the Hebrides into a dramatic exploration of man's relationship with the sea and the elements.

ms, by Molly Fonseca. A one person play that explores the journey of accepting a diagnosis and offers a turn towards hope.

Beans! By Sharon Sparlin. The sound of a long, untroubled inhale.  A satisfying exhale.  Sip. Swallow. “Earthy, Spicy - with Jungle and Chocolate overtones". 

The Wussy Boy Manifesto: Episode Five: The Wussy Boy Strikes Back by Big Poppa E. Three-time HBO "Def Poetry" veteran and National Poetry Slam Champion Big Poppa E performs new works about growing beards, making sweet love, and the joys of pubic hair. His hilarious poetry has garnered eight Best of Fest finishes in seven years, and this time, he's bringing presents for everyone.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.

The Graveside Service, by Timothy Thomas. Loaded Gun Theory will reveal everything about Koop Radio's Mr. Spradling and Mr. Harris and their roles in the deaths of certain musicians.

The stuff dreams are made of, by Isabel Salazar. Does one really know when dreams end and reality begins?

I Have Angered a Great God, written and directed by Brad McEntire of Dallas' Audacity Theatre Lab. Robert von Ritchie has somehow angered a Great God. He retraces his steps over the past few days to discover where he ran afoul. It might have been easier if he weren't constantly on his cell phone talking with his now ex-girlfriend Martha, who barely made it into Mensa. A brief satire of modern public etiquette.

Rambo: The Missing Years (excerpt Basic Training), by Howard Petrick. In 1966 Howard Petrick was an anti-war activist. No one told his draft board. Petrick decided to go into the Army on his terms. This is the story of the military bureaucracy and a draftee who, without breaking the rules, spoke out against the war to his fellow GIs.

The Pugilist (A Derivative Work), by Richard L. Cambier, Hannah Kenah, and Zeb L. West. An original ensemble work of theatre by America's Theatre Company.

The box office is now closed for this show, but tickets are still available at the theater beginning an hour before the show.



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